Indian gas company deploys Livedarshan Solution at 1,000 stations

Indian gas company deploys Livedarshan Solution at 1,000 stations
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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

IP vs Analog - What your system provider wont tell you

IP Cameras
1.End to interlace problems
·         Interlaced scan
·         Each image formed from two interlace fields
·         Blurriness from capturing moving objects, even when connected to a DVR
·         Progressive Scan
·         Entire image captured at one time
·         Crystal clear images even with a high degree of motion in the scene
2.Megapixel resolution
  • Stuck with NTSC/PAL resolution
  • 0.4 Megapixel at 4CIF and 0.1 at CIF
  • Limited image details

  • Many resolutions
  • 1 Megapixel is 10x the resolution of CIF, 2 Megapixel is 20x!
  • Different aspect ratios
  • Digital PTZ
3.Integrated PTZ  and I/O control and storage
  • Analog cameras need separate Rs-485 cable and equipment(joystick) for control)
  • Costly and cumbersome
  • I/O only possible in DVR not on camera
  • Recording not possible onboard camera.So if DVR is shut all lost.
  • PTZ control over the same network
    that transports the video
  • PTZ commands sent over the IP network
  • Integrated I/O can
    • Trigger anything
    • Can be triggered by anything
  • Only possible with separate audio lines to the DVR

  • Audio captured at the camera
  • Synchronized with the video
  • Can be integrated into the same
    video stream
  • 2-way audio
    (Duplex, Half Duplex, Simplex)
5.Secure Communication
  • No encryption
  • Video encryption
  • Authentication using encrypted
  • Authorization: to verify and approve
    the identity of the device
  • Privacy watermarks
6.Flexible cost effective infrastructure
  • Expensive coax, proprietary fiber, wireless
  • Distance affects image quality
  • Adding power, I/O and audio further complicates this situation

·         IP = established, standardized,
·         Digital images = no quality reduction
·         Many streams transmitted over the
same line
·         A single network wire = hundreds of simultaneous full frame rate video streams
7.True Digital Solution
  • With every conversion image quality is lost:
    • Analog signal digitized in camera’s DSP
    • Analog signal converted back to analog for transport over coax
Signal once again digitized at the DVR for recording
  • Images digitized once
  • Stay digital
  • No unnecessary conversions
  • No image degradation

  • Not Available
  • Both network cameras with and without
    built-in support for PoE can take
    advantage of a UPS device
  • Cost savings
  • Reliability with centralized power backup
  • Simple installation


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