Indian gas company deploys Livedarshan Solution at 1,000 stations

Indian gas company deploys Livedarshan Solution at 1,000 stations
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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Are IP Cameras Cheaper than Analog Cameras

4 IP Camera System DVR +  4 Analog Camera System
Cost of Night Vision IP Camera with MPEG-4 and MJPEG compression.
Cost of Analog Camera Night Vision with equivalent quality of IP Camera
No DVR is required. You can use an existing computer since a 4 channel recording software comes free with the IP Camera DVR required for recording. Cost of a 4 channel DVR with a Hard drive would be approx
Since you are using a computer you will already have an existing monitor Since you have bought a DVR you will have to buy another monitor or TV to see the output.approx
If you have an existing TV then you can use the RGB input.
The wire for IP Camera is simple CAT – 5 or LAN wire which costs about
Rs.11 per m.
Consider atleast  50m cable  for all cameras
Cost Rs.550
(for longer cable runs the cost will increase drastically for analog cameras)
The wire required for analog video which will have to be pulled all the way to the DVR from wherever the camera is installed is Rs.30 per m
Consider atleast  50m cable  for all cameras
Cost Rs.1500
(this is a hidden cost which most people don’t realize and come to know only after the installation.
You will get video and audio from all  4 channels and will be able to record video and audio simultaneously. Most DVR’s support only single channel audio.
After an Electricity failure the IP Cameras will come on and will be available immediately over the network for you to view remotely. The DVR has a soft button and has to be booted every time the electricity goes. You will not be able to view the cameras remotely until the DVR is rebooted.
However the recording will stop in both cases(IP and Analog) until the systems are rebooted.
Total : 40,550 plus taxes(approx) Total : Rs.44,500 plus taxes(approx)

However if you need to purchase a new computer the cost of the IP Camera System will be higher
by about Rs.10,000 but however as the IP Camera System has far many advantages over an
Analog/DVR system the extra cost will be worth it.

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