Indian gas company deploys Livedarshan Solution at 1,000 stations

Indian gas company deploys Livedarshan Solution at 1,000 stations
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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Standalone NVR(IPcorder) for IP Cameras

KNR-090  IPCorder 4 channel Compact NVR.
The KNR-090 IPCorder is unique standalone Network Video Recorder (NVR) solution for systems with IP cameras, including the latest multi megapixel resolution cameras which support 4 cameras/video servers.
The general supported brands are:- ACTi, Arecont Vision*, AXIS, D-Link, Dallmeier*, Hikvision*, IQinVision, Linksys*, Lumenera*, Panasonic, Sony, StarDot*, VIVOTEK, Y-Cam.

Connection Diagram of IPcorder with IP Cameras

·        Standalone Linux based NVR
·        Manage/Record/View up to 4 IP cameras/video servers simultaneously
·        Screwless hard drive installation
·        Web based access using Java - supports Microsoft Windows (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc.), Linux and Apple Mac OS
·        Open solution - support of various IP cameras from different manufacturers
·        Easy setup of the unit and connected devices (many tasks done automatically)
·        Easy recordings search, playback and export
·        Easy remote access from the Internet - Fully automatic or Manual router setup
·        Trully Megapixel Ready - up to 5 megapixel cameras supported
·        Rule scripting language for programming custom scripts
·        Support of I/O devices, values also available for scripting
·        1× 3.5" SATA I or II hard drive (not included)
·        High stability, no viruses, no spyware
·        Compact size and quiet operation
·        Low power consumption - green and cost effective solution
This unique standalone IP corder 4 channel can be used in small offices, houses, shops, showrooms  where up to 4 cameras need to be recorded.

Advantages of IPCorder(NVR) over a Personal Computer.

·         IPCorder uses 10 watts of power compared to a normal PC that takes 240 watts
·         IPCorder is a Linux based NVR so no chance of it getting virus infected compared to a PC.

·         In case of Power failure, the IPCorder is having high stability wherein the Hard Disk Drive cannot crash unlike a normal PC where there is a high chance of the Hard Disk Drive crashing.
IP   IPCorder are very portable compared to a normal PC.
IP   IPcorder comes with its own inbuilt software for both LIVE viewing as well as Recording which enables a viewer to view locally through a PC, over the network or internet through web browsers like FIREFOX, INTERNET EXPLORER,SAFARI,CHROME without downloading any additional software, all the channels can be LIVE viewed at the same time. While in a normal PC one needs to install separate software for both LIVE viewing as well as Recording. Over the internet, the live viewing can be done through FIREFOX, INTERNET EXPLORER, SAFARI,CHROME on channel at a time. 

The KNR-090 IPCorder 4 channel NVR’s Interface

CD-ROM size device
Network /USB/Power  Port

Easily add/remove HDD

Browser Interface

Easy display of motion detected in video in red.
Play video selecting any date/time/camera.
Easily backup video through a single click on your computer

View all cameras from any brand together in a single interface.
Control PTZ any camera from the left panel.
Control devices and also easy digital zoom in while
 possible in live and recorded video

Auto configure and manage cameras into the system
IPCorder can automatically detect cameras setup within the network.

If you would like to purchase the IPCorder or have any further questions about it.Please feel free to contact us 
at  or  91-22-66359179


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