Indian gas company deploys Livedarshan Solution at 1,000 stations

Indian gas company deploys Livedarshan Solution at 1,000 stations
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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Do IP Cameras require an Internet connection?

Do IP Cameras require an Internet connection?

There is a common misconception that IP Cameras work only using an Internet Connection.Well IP Cameras DO NOT require an internet connection to work.

They have all the features of an Analog camera and much more.The IP Cameras can simply be connected together terminating in any Network LAN Switch which can then be connected to a computer or a standalone NVR for recording.

Hence the video from the IP Cameras can be monitored/recorded on the Central PC using the IP Camera Software.The recorded video can then be viewed as required.This works just like any Analog Camera/DVR system only the cable used is a CAT5 LAN cable and the performance and quality is better.An internet connection will be required only if the cameras have to be viewed over the internet.


Saabman said...

Your statement that ip cameras do not require an Internet connection is not always true.
I just purchased a 163eye ip camera and unfortunately it only works with an Internet connection. (Im Looking for a workaround but as it stands out of the box - no internet connection - no camera opperation)

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